Clover POS

With over a million systems installed, Clover is the most popular Point of Sale system worldwide. It is used by restaurants and retail to run sales, track inventory, and manage customers.


A powerful, full featured POS system that can handle both retail and restaurant. Ask us for a case study to show how Exatouch helps businesses like yours.

Ingenico Desk 3500

An easy to use countertop terminal. The Desk 3500 can process via Wi-Fi, Dial, or Ethernet. It also accepts contactless payments such as Applepay.

Cash Discount and Surcharging Program

Looking for ways to help offset the increased cost of running a business? One option is to pass processing fees to your customers who choose to use a credit card. We have a cash discount and surcharging program that will save you 80% or more in your processing costs.


Send a payment link to your customer via text. They will be taken to a secure payment page to pay on their phone.

PAX A920 Pro

A wireless terminal that processes over Wi-Fi for moving around the store, or cellular for taking it on the road. The SwipeSimple POS software can be loaded onto this terminal for sales and inventory management.

ACH / E-Check

Deposit and withdraw cash directly from your customer’s bank account. Recurring billing is available for subscriptions and membership dues.

Dejavoo Z8

A countertop terminal that can process over ethernet and Wi-Fi. Many merchants use this terminal for surcharging.

Dejavoo QD4

This countertop terminal has a large color touch screen, and operates over ethernet and Wi-Fi.

UBMe Online Ordering

Load your menu, and take orders from your website. You can hold for pickup, or delivery with your own driver.

Cell Phone and Tablet Processing

Pair a bluetooth reader to your phone and use your cellular connection to make your own wireless terminal. You can email a receipt to your customer.

Virtual Terminal

Enter credit card numbers from your computer. We have several options which include invoice generation and recurring billing.

Website Creation with BigCommerce

Do you need help creating a website and establishing your online presence? We have partnered with BigCommerce to provide an all-in-one eCommerce solution.

Payment Button for your website

Collect invoices and donations from your website without creating a website shopping cart. You can quickly create HTML code to make a “pay now” button. This will bring the customer to a secure payment page, then return them to your site.

Level 2 and Level 3 Processing

Are you selling Business to Business? By entering a few extra pieces of data during your transaction, you can cut over half a percentage point from your processing rate. Ask us how.

Gift and Loyalty Cards

Increase sales and drive repeat traffic by offering gift and loyalty cards. Pre-designed templates and fully custom cards are available.

Internet Gateways

Merchants and developers can connect a shopping cart to credit card processing with or Network Merchants (NMI).

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